Tuesday, November 13, 2007

but wait there's more......

I’m a little bit over making chocolate cupcakes!! This is the fourth week in a row I have made them for this marketing thing at work. I have probably been a bit silly as well because instead of sticking to my tried and true recipe I have made a different one each week so that I don’t get bored!

This week I made the recipe for chocolate cupcakes from the Magnolia bakery. Apparently this is the bakery in New York that started the cupcake craze – it was featured on Sex in the City (I think I am the only person in their 30s who has never seen this programme!!). Unfortunately, these cakes weren’t that great. They weren’t chocolatey enough and I think that the proportion of sugar to flour was all wrong! They seemed to rise up and then crack around the edges of the cupcake wrapper. My husband said that he didn’t think I should use them, but I figured that they would taste ok and by the time I iced them they would look a lot better.

The usual ganache icing I use for chocolate cupcakes didn’t seem right as it is a lot darker and richer than these cakes, so I made a chocolate butter cream icing. They actually taste quite nice but I like a chocolate cake that is denser and fudgey – I think I will stick to my standard recipe from now on – no matter how boring I find it to be making the same thing!

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