Friday, November 2, 2007

You say tomato....

I have never liked tomatoes. When I was a small child I went into the greenhouse of someone that my parents were visiting and ate a whole heap of green tomatoes which made me sick. I am sure that is why I don’t like them. Anything with cooked tomato I am fine with, but I will always pick the tomato out of a salad or a filled roll and I would never make or eat anything that was simply tomatoes.

That is until I went to Italy. In Italy I tried my first tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes – they taste like a summer’s day – slightly fragrant. In NZ we can also get pretty good tomatoes now. The best are those you grow yourself – especially the cherry tomatoes that you can pick straight off the vine while you are pegging out the washing!

Early season tomatoes have now started to hit the shops. I bought some earlier in the week and made a delicious salad from them last night. It was loosely following a recipe in the latest Julie Le clerc womens weekly magazine. It was basically tomatoes, some sliced and some cut into wedges, then tossed with basil leaves and a dressing of 3 tbsp good olive oil and 1 tbsp pomegranate molasses (another one of those things that I think you absolutely must have in the cupboard!!). It was delicious. We had it with falafel made from frozen peas and chickpeas, based on a recipe from the latest Donna Hay magazine. Really nice for a change! I think I ate half the salad before my husband was even home for dinner!

And here are a couple of cards I made earlier in the week :0)

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