Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another pinny!

How cute is this apron???? Another gorgeous creation by Monique!!! The pattern from this apron was taken from a gorgeous French apron that my parents gave me for my birthday. My friend, Jenny, cut out the pattern and sent it to Monique who made the apron. The blue gingham material has little cherries over it and it exactly like the fabric of my favourite dress my Mum made me when I was about 9 – it was lemon gingham with little strawberries all over it. The reverse side is red polka dot.

Monique is so clever!!! I think I may have to just wear aprons all the time!!!!

I mostly try and post my sweet treats on this blog. However, here is dinner from last night - fish flash roasted in a mixture of sweet chilli sauce, lemon juice and ginger, brown rice (which I much prefer to white) and organic silverbeet from the Takapuna markets sauteed in a little sesame oil. A really yummy, healthy dinner. The fish was gurnard which I love – it holds itself together well and has a slightly sweet flavour.

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JJJ said...

That apron is rad! :o)