Friday, November 9, 2007

Yummy fritters

As I have mentioned before, on Thursday nights I often make something fairly easy for dinner. The price of courgettes seems to be coming down as we head towards summer and l had bought some earlier in the week. So I used them last night to make these courgette, ham and pesto fritters. They were so yummy!!!!

The base mixture was from Annabel Langbein’s best of (an absolute cook book must have!!!!) and was 2 eggs, 1 c self raising flour and ½ c soda water. To that I added 3 grated courgettes, about ¼ c grated parmesan, some chopped shaved ham and about ¼ c pesto (I had this in the freezer - I had made a whole lot up in Summer from the basil I had grown in the garden). When I am just cooking at home for the two of us, I try not to use too much oil, so rather than frying the fritters in oil, I just sprayed the pan with olive oil spray.

They weren’t as crisp on the outside as they would have been if I had cooked them in oil, but they were still so yummy and we managed to devour the whole lot!!! Especially nice with my home made tomato chilli jam!

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