Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bill's new book and spring salad

I can never resist a new cook book and I can’t make myself wait until Whitcoulls has 25% off – I have to have it now! So when I went into Whitcoulls yesterday and the latest Bill Granger book was on the shelf, I had to have it then!!!

I really like Bill Granger’s books – he uses fresh ingredients and has lots of gorgeous photos. The recipes are pretty simple, but I like his style. I have only been to Sydney once, but going to Bills (Bill Granger’s iconic café) was definitely on my to do list! Bills is famous for its breakfasts and when I went I actually had porridge with caramelised bananas! This may sound an odd choice, but porridge is actually one of my favourite foods!! I make up my own blend each morning for breakfast. It incorporates a mix of organic rolled oats, rye flakes, spelt flakes and barley flakes. Once cooked, I sprinkle over some sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds and serve it with yoghurt and milk. Delicious! I actually look forward to my breakfast when I go to bed!!!

Anyway, Bill’s new book, Holiday, is great! I had a read through last night. Lots of pretty pictures and great everyday recipes. I look forward to using it!

Last night for dinner I made a rice and smoked fish pie from the Julie Le Clerc womens weekly magazine. It was basically a mixture of smoked fish (I used smoked blue cod that I had bought at the Albany farmers market), cooked rice, eggs and cheese. I made a delicious spring salad to go with it, based on a recipe in the latest Dish magazine. I used rocket, blanched asparagus and peeled broad beans with a dressing of white wine vinegar, crushed garlic and hazelnut oil. It is amazing how something so simple can taste so good!!!

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