Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween cupcakes & cookies

Even though Halloween is not big in NZ, I always love to make something for the occasion. This year I bought a pumpkin cookie cutter and made these cookies from Taste. I was busy talking to my husband as I made them and I actually think that I left out half a cup of flour. The mixture was still easy to work with and roll out, but on the oven tray, even after freezing the un-baked shapes (which I often do as it helps to keep the shape of the biscuits when they bake) they spread on the tray.

I was a bit distraught and then had an idea – as the cookies came out I re-pressed my cutter down and got perfect shaped pumpkin cookies. I took the cookies down to my niece and nephew in Christchurch in the weekend.

When I made the chocolate & coconut cupcakes I had some leftover mixture, so I made these little mini cupcakes using Halloween cupcake wrappers (you can just see the jack o'lanterns on the wrappers in the photo below) and some Halloween confetti that I got from Millys. They are simply iced with chocolate ganache. I need to get a bit more adventurous with my cake decorating I think! Hopefully the trick or treaters will be happy with these!

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