Friday, October 5, 2007

spiced cookies with milk chocolate

This week the recipe I made from cuisine is spiced cookies with milk chocolate, which I made for our friend, Gav, who is a plummer – he helped us out last week when we had a burst pipe in our 1970s, about to be re-built home. The idea of the recipe is that the cookies are meant to resemble churros. I love churros! The best churros that I have tasted were not in Spain, but at the Engine Room in Northcote Point. Imagine long crisp, but fluffy on the inside, doughnuts dipped into what is basically dark chocolate melted with cream! Divine!!

The recipe for the biscuits included cocoa nibs- not something that I had in the cupboard! I considered adding grated chocolate instead, but was too lazy. If I made these again, I think I would add the grated chocolate as to be honest the biscuits are quite bland (sorry Gav!). The recipe also said to mix the spices (cinnamon, cardamom and star anise) with castor sugar and sprinkle over the hot cookies – as you would dip a hot doughnut in cinnamon sugar. Given that I didn’t have the cocoa nibs I decided to add the spices to the cookie mix and then sprinkle over plain sugar. This worked quite well, giving the cookies a slight spicy taste. The thing that makes these cookies is definitely the milk chocolate – they would be quite boring without it! I also like the pretty shape from piping the mixture. Click here to see the recipe for these cookies.

While they make a pretty gift, I prefer real churros to the biscuit variety!

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