Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tapas at La Zeppa

A couple of nights ago I met up with some girlfriends at a Tapas Bar behind Victoria Park market called La Zeppa. It was a really fun night – lots of talking and catching up, but also some wonderful food! Tapas is a great way of being able to try lots of delicious morsels without having to eat off other people’s plates and without getting diner envy (ie when you go to a restaurant and the dinner of the person beside you looks far more appealing than your own!!). La Zeppa had a great selection of tapas – a good mix of cold and hot and also sweet. Also, as there were four of us dining, it was perfect, as each dish had four items on it.

We chose a selection of 8 different tapas, mixing things up between hot and cold, vegetarian, venison, duck, and chicken and then finished off with two selections of sweet tapas. The service was excellent and I was also impressed that all wines were available by the glass which is great when you are dining after work and a glass or maybe two is all you want (well, all you should have!!!).

All of the tapas were delicious, but the stand outs for me were the salted olives (these had the texture of roast olives), the smoked snapper & pernod dip served with grilled flatbread (the snapper gave the dip a very delicate flavour), the chorizo, caramelised onion and sage risotto balls (some of the best I have tasted – beautifully seasoned, with a crisp exterior and creamy interior), tomato & basil polenta chips with aioli (once again I think it is the texture thing – crisp polenta chips and creamy aioli!) and last but not least the peking duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. Actually, that is almost everything! The food was great!

Even though we were quite full by then, we ordered two dessert tapas to share – one was tiaramisu wontons with mocha anglaise (I wasn’t such a fan of these) and the other was filo cigars filled with dates and dark chocolate with a side of mascarpone – delicious!

La Zeppa is definitely a great place to got to try some really yummy food and have a good catch up with friends after work!!

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