Wednesday, October 3, 2007

celebration cupcakes

Baking is an obsession for me in a general sense, but even more specificly, cup cakes are a real obsession! I love books with cup cakes, web sites with cup cakes, cup cake wrappers and making cup cakes. The only thing that annoys me about cup cakes is when people call them muffins! I always have to bite my tongue not to correct them. I am not sure if they are trying to make themselves feel better by calling them muffins not cup cakes (muffin kind of has a healthier connotation!) or whether they just don’t get the difference! Either way, that is one of my pet peeves!

As well as my recent focus on decorating cookies, I have had an equal focus on creating cute looking cup cakes. I tend to make them to take to work, as where else is there such a large group of people happy to devour a sweet little morsel? I find it really good to have a book to look at to get ideas, and I have a couple that I really want to recommend - one is the Australian Womens Weekly book entitled “Cupcakes” and the other is “The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Book”. (I haven’t figured out yet how to give you a link from my site to another site, but have a look at . There are also heaps of cool sites – just google cup cakes!

My husband and I have just bought a house by the beach which we are going to be re-building. We are at the design stage, but of course the most important part for me is the kitchen!! And I am going to have a scullery!!!! Anyway, we met with the kitchen designer and one thing I had to tell her is that I need special space for my cookie cutters and cup cake wrappers. Because, yes, I have copious amounts of cup cake wrappers that I have collected over the years (I even bought some home from Japan 4 years ago and Wales 3 years ago!!!).

Yesterday was 12 months since I became a partner of my firm. To celebrate, what did I do? I made cup cakes and brought them in for morning tea. That is them pictured above – they looked better in real life! The recipe was from the AWW book mentioned above and was basically a simple lemon cake, topped with cream cheese icing and sprinkled with purple sugar.


Janene said...

Hey Tammy! You're going great guns on your blog. I'm enjoying reading it :)
Just to let you know about linking to other sites. When you are editing your post highlight the text you want to use as the link then click on the link button at the top of the edit page - it has an icon with a glode and chain link - in between the Text colour and the Align left buttons. You'll get a pop up that allows you to type (or paste) the page address you want to link to.
Hope this helps!!

Tammy said...

Thanks so much Janene!!! That is exactly what i want to be able to do :0)

Debra said...

What a great site. Love the icing decorations on the shoes and handbags. Also, impressed with the cards! Keep writing!

Debra, London