Monday, October 15, 2007

spring flowers & wee treats

Over the weekend I had another wee practice of my biscuit icing skills. The results are the tulips above. I think that they look lovely and spring like. I also tried to pipe some little icing flowers – what a disaster!! My first attempt was actually quite good. But it was all downhill from there! I think that I may need to go to a cake decorating class! I did try one at a local high school a few years ago, but only lasted one night – I thought that the teacher was a bit nana- ish. I may have to try again and a bit more open minded!! :0)

On Saturday night we met up with friend’s for dinner in the viaduct. It was one of our friend’s birthday, and I made her these biscuits.

They are Jaffa biscuits from an old Donna Hay magazine – really just a variation on shortbread with some orange zest added and then dipped in chocolate. You can see my wee treats label a bit more clearly in the photo. I finally read the instructions for my camera – I think my photography is getting a little better as a result!

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Barbara said...

I love the spring flower biscuits.