Thursday, November 8, 2007

not quite pinwheel biscuits

Last night I made some biscuits for a gift, but they didn’t turn out quite like I was hoping, so I’ve given them to a friend for her children. The recipe was a Julie Le Clerc one that I ripped out of a womens weekly for pinwheel cookies. They didn’t work out well for me though. For starters there wasn’t enough butter to make a nice smooth dough – I ended up adding more butter to the chocolate mix. But then the butter I added to the chocolate mix melted and the dough ended up being crumbly, as dough made with melted butter can be.

So I tried to roll the two mixes out together and roll up, but my funny crumbly mixture all cobbled together and so the biscuits are now marble biscuits rather than pinwheel!!! They actually look quite good I think, but the flavour is not chocolatey enough for me. A good biscuit for the lunch box but not special enough to give as some wee treats.

Actually, dinner last night was really yummy. My husband said he would like something with mince (you would think reading my posts that mince is all we eat – it’s honestly not!!! Maybe once every two weeks!!) but with Asian flavours. So, I cooked the meat with some chopped ginger, lemon grass, chilli flakes, lemon juice and fish sauce and it was so yummy!! I stirred through chopped coriander at the end and sprinkled over some roasted peanuts. We had it with hokkein noodles and what else this time of year, but asparagus!!!! :0)

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Deborah said...

I think they look very good!! I like the marbled effect.