Thursday, November 29, 2007

fruit cake and cous cous!

Fruit cake is not something that I like (actually I don’t like dried fruit at all), but once again it seemed like a good thing to take down to Taupo with us –Mum and Dad both really like it and it is energy dense for the bike riders!!

Christmas cake is usually the only fruit cake I make (normally I make about 20 of them, but this year have decided not to make any!!!). But I found this recipe in Taste magazine for a fruit cake with bits of chocolate in it – which of course appealed (even though I didn’t eat any of it!). The only change I made to the recipe was to add more sultanas and currants and take out the glace cherries which I know my Mum doesn’t like. The whole cake got eaten over the weekend and had good reviews. Mum said she didn’t mind the chocolate for a change, but probably prefers it without.

On a different note for dinner last night, I made lemon rubbed lamb steaks with grilled vegetable cous cous from Cuisine. Cous cous can often be quite boring, but I have two things that I nearly always put in it which seems to make it a bit more interesting – lemon juice and chicken stock. I often add a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard as well. It also can take a reasonable amount of salt (like any starchy carbohydrate in my view!!). Chopped nuts are also a good addition as the texture adds some interest. Quite a quick and easy yummy dinner.

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