Monday, October 11, 2010

The Elusive Metro Chocolate Chip Cookie

Many years ago I tried a chocolate chip cookie in a café called Metro in Christchurch. It was the best chocolate chip cookie I had tasted – large chunks of chocolate, a texture that I guess is not crisp or chewy but is almost cakey, and large, oversized cookies. I remember at the time trying to re-create the metro cookie and I got pretty close – I even rang them at one stage to see if they would part with the recipe, but no luck!

Well, for her birthday I gave my sister a subscription to the foodtown magazine and she rang me a couple of weeks ago to say that a reader had written in requesting metro’s chocolate chip cookie recipe and they had printed it!! Hayley sent me through the recipe and it seems that the secret ingredient is not ground almonds as I had thought, but caramelised condensed milk. Now, I would never have guessed this, as whenever I have used caramelised condensed milk in cookies, I have ended up with quite soft cookies. Also, the cookies have a much higher ratio of flour than my usual recipe and less baking powder. The mixture is quite dry, but persevere with mixing that flour in. Nevertheless I faithfully used the recipe and I had them – the elusive metro chocolate chip cookie! This is one of the best. I also think that milk chocolate goes well in these cookies – usually I prefer dark chunks, but try milk chocolate in these.

Metro Chocolate Chip Cookies

250g butter
½ c sugar
2 tbsp caramelised condensed milk
3 c flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 ½ c milk chocolate buttons

• Cream butter, sugar and caramelised condensed milk
• Stir in flour, baking powder and lastly the chocolate
• Form large balls of dough and press down lightly with a fork
• Bake at 170c for 15-18 minutes or until golden and firm


Cakelaw said...

Yay! These do look good, and I adore condensed milk in any form. Have to laugh that they gave up the recipe after all.

Anonymous said...

Tammy they look very delicious! I can almost taste them from the picture. Love the big chunks of chocolate - think that is the key to any chocolate chippie!

Nessie said...

Yum! These look awesome, I've been looking for a good one bowl choc chippy recipe. Would you call this your new go to chocolate chip cookie recipe oh choc chip connaisseur? Would you rate these higher than cookie times? :)

Tammy said...

Hi Nessie

I would put these in as special occasion chocolate chip cookies - they are not as everyday as my usual recipe as they use chocolate buttons whcih are more expensive than chocolate chips, plus the caramelised condensed milk isnt something I have in the cupboard like normal condensed milk. I havent had a cookie time cookie in years (they used to be a morning tea staple for me when I was at RMcV!!) but I like these better :0)


Kate said...

These look lovely Tammy! I'm a new convert to condensed milk in chocolate chip cookies so I'll have to have a go at these.

How many cookies did this recipe give you?

Anonymous said...

I'm making these on Thursday when I bake with my daughter in law...well,she bakes and I'm there to hopefully answer any questions.She had no clue when she married my son 3yrs ago and asked if I could teach her,so being no expert,we muddle through together and she is becoming very good indeed.Well done Tammy,it looks like a keeper.

Tammy said...

Hi Kate

I only got 25 but I made them quite big

Kate said...

Thanks Tammy. The bigger the better is my motto when cc cookies are concerned. Caramelised condensed milk has been added to my shopping list and I'll be making them at the weekend.

Jessica @ bake me away! said...

Wow, these look and sound fantastic! Will have to give them a try. :)

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