Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Want Pies With That - family favourite

This month’s You Want Pies With That theme was chosen by Rebecca at Ezra Poundcake and Mary from Alpineberry. The theme was to take a family favourite pudding and turn it into a pie. When I think back to when I was a child, my favourite (and I think the family’s favourite) was chocolate self saucing pudding. I didn’t really fancy that in a pie, so instead when for a rice pudding tart.

I made a simple shortcrust pastry, sweetened with icing sugar and enriched with egg yolk, baked it blind and then filled it with rice pudding which I had made, cooled, and then added a couple of eggs and some cream to make the filling more custardy and then hazelnuts and raspberries. I actually got the idea from a recipe in Dish magazine from a while back, so it is not a truly unique creation, but does encapsulate a family favourite pudding.

We had the tart warm with whipped cream on Saturday night for pudding and then cold with yoghurt on Sunday night. It would be a great tart to make ahead and you could vary the ingredients (almond and apricot, macadamia and blueberry etc).

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Rice Pudding Tart (adapted from Dish magazine)

• Bake blind shortcrust pastry rolled to fit a tart dish with a removable base (I used a square on)
• Fill with the following filling, then bake at 180c for a further 30 minutes or until the filling is set.

50g Arborio rice
1tsp vanilla paste (or extract)
¼ c sugar
2 c milk
1/3 c cream
2 eggs
70g chopped hazelnuts
Raspberries to decorate top

• Combine the rice, vanilla, sugar and milk and simmer over gentle heat until a rice pudding consistency is met, stirring every now and again. Cool
• Lightly beat eggs and add to the cooled rice with the cream. Stir in the hazelnuts. Put the filling into the pastry case, dot the top with raspberries and bake as above


Rebecca said...

Rice pudding with hazelnuts? Oh, that sounds so delicious. I've always added pistachios, so it's time for something new.

Oh, this time around, the host is Natale from Oven Love. Confusing, right? We're so many months behind because of all the ties!

Anne said...

Yum- the hazelnuts and raspberry sound delicious!

Jacque said...

Oooh, your pie certainly seems the most creative. It looks creamy and delicious!

Sara said...

Mmmmm, this sounds so delicious!

suz said...

Yum, rice pudding! Delicious and creative!

Jen H said...