Wednesday, November 21, 2007

is it a cupcake or a muffin?

Our neighbours came over last night to have a look at the plans for the new house to make sure that they are happy with them. I quickly whipped up some muffins, using this recipe for chocolate peanut muffins from Taste magazine – I guess they are a little like a muffin version of a peanut slab.

So, what makes these muffins instead of cupcakes? I think a lot of it is to do with the texture – cakes are a lot airier than muffins which have a denser texture. Also, cakes tend to have a higher fat content and often more eggs than muffins. Muffins are usually just made by combining the wet and dry ingredients separately and then mixing together. Also, muffins usually don’t have icing whereas cakes often do.

I don’t usually bake my muffins in cupcake cases either – but I have discovered that where muffins have chunks of chocolate in them, no matter how well you grease the tins, the chocolate can get stuck in the tin. Putting them into paper cases saves this happening.

These muffins were nice. The chunks of chocolate definitely made them, otherwise they would be quite plain. I only used the 3tbsp cocoa suggested in the recipe, but mine didnt look nearly as dark as the photo in the magazine - they probably could have done with a bit more cocoa, but then I am quite a chocolate fan!!! The recipe suggested putting a square of chocolate on top, but I didn't, as I thought I was likely to eat all the tops of them!!! :0) Good lunch box fillers.

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