Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TWD - Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream

This week’s TWD recipe is Chocolate Ganache Ice –Cream and was chosen by Katrina of Baking and Boys. This ice cream was very easy to make – basically you made chocolate ganache, then made custard, combined the two, chilled and then churned in the ice cream maker. I used energy chocolate (which is about 50% cocoa butter I think) which resulted in a rather mild chocolate flavour. But the ice-cream was lovely and creamy. My in laws are staying at the moment and we had the ice-cream for pudding last night with some little banana puddings I quickly whipped up. The combination of banana and chocolate was delicious. The puddings were very easy to make and the recipe is below.

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Banana Puddings (adapted from Donna Hay)

5 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp maple syrup
1 c self raising flour
2 eggs
2 mashed bananas
100g butter, melted

• Combine all ingredients in a bowl
• Spoon into four greased ramekins and bake at 170c for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through


Cakelaw said...

I like the look of the banana pudding - such a lovely golden colour.

Zeetra said...

Sorry this isnt food related. I was wondering how your MIL is doing?Hope she is ok now.

Shandy said...

Love your chocolate ganache ice cream. Looks and sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! I like the idea of combining it with banana.

Jodie said...

Looks great!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

mmm...chocolate ice cream and banana pudding is a perfect combo!

Katrina said...

I love all things banana and this sounds great together!
Thanks for churning along with me this week!

Nessie said...

So pretty! My icecream machine has been sitting sulking for a while because I've been neglecting it...you have inspired me to bust it out :)

PheMom said...

I just hit my head on the screen trying to steal that pudding and ice cream. That sounds sooooo heavenly right now! Things are still their usual crazy around here, and I can't even remember now if I emailed you back a little while ago and I hate that I can't remember. Anyway, I wanted to stop by and say hello to you while I was thinking of you (and had a hand to type with LOL!). Give sweet Harry a little squeeze for me!