Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Auckland Food Show

The Auckland food show was held last week. This is an annual event that I have been to every year since it started, other than 5 years ago when we were in Europe. It is a great opportunity to go and speak with producers, sample new products and glean new ideas. In the past I have gone on the preview day which is the day before the show officially opens. The tickets cost a little more, but they limit the number of people and it is quite pleasant not having to beat the crowds.

This year my parents were up from Christchurch and I really wanted them to come with me, so I waited and went on the Friday after they arrived. We had a great time, although by the time we went to leave it was starting to get pretty crowded. Unfortunately over the years, the food show has become more and more commercialised. I think it must be the cost of having a stand – the smaller boutique producers just cant afford it. This year there were some great new products to sample, but mostly from the larger companies. Some of the stand outs for me included chai latte powder, rocket fuel sauce, vogels cereal clusters, donovans chocolates, Delish Cupcakes, Kohu Road golden syrup ice cream and French cherry preserves.

We also went to the Donna Hay cooking demonstration. This was the third time I have seen Donna Hay at the food show and it was actually the best demo of hers that I have seen yet. She was demonstrating recipes from her latest book, No Time to Cook and demonstrated chicken baked with feta and lemon, zucchini and mint pasta and a flourless chocolate cake. She was great and it certainly renewed my interest in her books (I have all of them and all of her magazines – I do love the simple style).

Did anyone else go to the food show and if so, what did you think?


Sally E. said...

I would loved to have gone this year (as I missed out last year due to being pg) but with the cost of tickets and parking it was just too much. You always make me jealous to hear about how wonderful it is though.

fried blue said...

Thanks for this post. Wasn't even aware of the festival (a little embarrassed to admit). I was aware of a pie contest, though, and heard that the same person from last year won???
Will definitely try to make it next year.

Cakelaw said...

I have seen Donna Hay live and I liked her relaxed style and rapport with her assistants.

Food.Baby said...

oooh golden syrup ice cream!!

Penny said...

One of these days I will have to make the trip up from Tauranga to go to it.