Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting for Dorie

I have been following with interest the Tuesdays with Dories blog – a weekly baking challenge to bake through Dorie Greenspan’s book From My Home To Yours. As New Zealand follows more of an English culture than an American, Dorie Greenspan was a foreigner to me until I entered the world of blogging. Now I have ordered her book from Amazon on the strength of what other bloggers say and also the delicious looking recipes being created on the Tuesdays with Dorie challenge – I can’t wait for my book to arrive so I can start to join in the fun!

Anyway, while I was looking at Dorie’s website I came across the Linzer biscuits that she had made for Valentines Day. She had made Linzer biscuits into heart shapes and half dipped them in chocolate. I have never made Linzer biscuits before, but have often looked at the recipe before in a Martha Stewart cookie baking magazine I have.

By the weekend Valentines Day was over, but I wanted to make something for my Uncle in Dunedin. My aunty (Mum’s sister) is going through chemo at the moment and is in hospital. I have sent her some wee gifts, but they have no children and so Uncle Bill is home alone and I thought he would appreciate a wee treat. A good chance to test out the Linzer biscuits!!! Instead of using Dorie’s recipe (thought I would save that for when I have The Book!), I used the Martha Stewart recipe. A lot of people say that her recipes don’t work all that well. Only comment here is that I added a bit more flour. Also, I didn’t have any hazelnuts, so used ground macadamia nuts. I filled mine with home made raspberry jam.

Linzer biscuits are kind of a cross between Shrewsbury biscuits and Belgium biscuits. They don’t have as much spice as Belgium biscuits, but are not as plain as Shrewsbury. I guess the big difference is that they have ground nuts in them. I will make these again, but will try Dorie’s recipe and maybe wont join them together with jam, but chocolate dip them as she suggests.


Cakelaw said...

Hi Tammy, Your biscuits are gorgeous. I promise that you will love Dorie's book - a very good investment.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have you join us! These cookies look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Once again Tammy you have inspired me, I will have to make these for when my grandchildren next come they look so lovely, takes me back a few years. Lyn