Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Meals

We have just had a fabulous weekend! Very relaxing – sometimes it is so nice to have no plans. Even Friday night, we stayed at home and I made a yummy prosciutto and mozzarella omelette for dinner. It was so tasty, very simple, but with fabulous ingredients. The eggs were organic, free range, which my friend, Jenny, collected from her hen. It is amazing how vibrant the yolks are – even more so than market bought free range eggs. I filled the omelette with mozzarella (actually kapiti boccocini), prosciutto and basil leaves. The photo was taken before I folded the omelette over. This was the perfect Friday night meal!

On Saturday we went up to Matakana and went to the markets. It was a really cold, yucky day and there weren’t as many people at the markets as usual – not a lot of fresh produce, but we came home with Italian sausages, free range chicken, mandarins and agria potatoes. I also enjoyed a whitebait fritter there and my husband had a mussel one.

Saturday night was a quick meal at home before heading to the pub to watch the rugby. My husband felt like pizza, so I used the rest of the mozzarella on a home made pizza base. I made a quick tomato sauce by reducing sautéed garlic, a can of tomatoes, smoked salt, pepper and basil, spread this over the base, scattered over torn mozzarella, anchovies, capers and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Drizzled with parmesan infused olive oil, this was another yummy, but quick and easy dinner. So much better than take aways!

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