Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apricot Macaroons

As you have probably already guessed, I bake to show my love and I also bake to show my appreciation. Whenever one of my staff members has a birthday I always like to bake them some wee treats as a birthday gift, but it is also a token of how much I appreciate them. I also try to make something a little different.

It was two staff members birthdays last week and I made them these little macaroons. They are not macaroons in the true French style as we often see on Tartlette’s blog, but are more of an English version (I think). They are apricot and white chocolate macaroons. They are made in little paper cases which is probably just as well as they are crumbly little things. They are lovely and light though and something a little different. Each macaroon is merely a mouthful and it is sometimes nice to have a wee treat that you can eat in just one bite. The recipe comes from the Australian Womens Weekly cook book entitled “Sweet”.

Apricot and White Chocolate Macaroons (AWW “Sweet”)

40g dried apricots, finely chopped and soaked in 1 tsp cointreau
1 egg white
55g castor sugar
75g coconut
1 tbsp white chocolate, very finely chopped

· Beat egg white until soft peaks form, then add sugar a little at a time until mixture is nice and glossy
· Fold in remaining ingredients
Spoon into mini cupcake cases and bake at 150c for 15-20 minutes


Anonymous said...

Tammy these look truly delicious,and,fresh off a flight after being away on business this week,I am about to soak some apricots and get cracking in the kitchen.This is not the first time you have inspired me.

Cakelaw said...

Once again, lovely biscuits. Your staff are very lucky - can I come work for you ;)?