Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Engine Room - Northcote Point

Last Friday night we went to the Engine Room in Northcote Point for dinner. The Engine Room is probably the best restaurant on the north shore. We had only been there once before not long after it opened. It was a real treat to go back. There was a group of six of us and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

I didn’t have an entrĂ©e, but there was lovely sour dough (perhaps a tad on the dry side) and olive oil to begin with. We were also treated with a gift from the kitchen of arrancini – little deep fried risotto balls, which were incredibly tasty. From the main menu, the salmon was the meal that caught my eye, salmon being my favourite protein! However, it came with champ and mashed potato is my least favourite carbohydrate. I asked the waitress if I could have the salmon with the chicken’s accompaniment of lentil tabbouleh, roast pumpkin and labneh. She happily said yes and the meal was delicious – the salmon was perfect, not over cooked, but not too rare either.

I was looking forward to dessert as the previous time I had been to the Engine Room I had shared churros with chocolate and it is still on the menu. Churros are little Spanish doughnuts served with a chocolate sauce to dip them in. The chocolate sauce is pretty much warm chocolate ganache. The churros did not disappoint. My husband chose the pear crumble with vanilla bean ice cream as his dessert and it was also delicious.

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Rebelwithoutakitchen said...

It's a tough one - what restaurant would want to be tarred with the "food poisoning" brush? It sounds so horrendous - and probably was for your husband! I wonder what would be a suitable response? At least an apology one would suppose - what does everyone else think?

Tammy said...

All we were expecting was an apology. Since Friday we have heard of one other person who also got food poisoning after being there. The silly thing is that we were not trying to attribute blame (it was just a dud clam) but making them aware.

Anonymous said...

A friend & I went to Cin Cin restaurant in the city once & we were both very sick after eating fish soup, I phoned & told them & they sent me a $100 voucher, no questionbs asked, I was impressed. Pity The Engine Room didn't do the same, their loss. Lyn

Anonymous said...

Oh Tammy - what a shame. I was reading about your evening with such interest (and envy) then my heart sank for you both. I can understand your husband's reaction. When you have been so ill from something it really does put you off doesn't it? I too would be disappointed at their reaction. It was indeed a very defensive one and makes me wonder if you weren't the only ones that had rung recently. I believe most restaurants would be horrified and at the very least apoligize. It could happen to anyone whether eating out or at home - it only takes one 'off' product that you were unaware of. You would expect more from a reputable place such as that. I am sorry your evening was tarnished. Think he will want to stick to your wonderful creations for a while. Speaking of wonderful creations I adore your wee biscuits. I bet they were the talk of the shower. What a great friend you are. Have a great weekend. Raewyn