Monday, July 21, 2008

Madeira Loaf

I am actually home sick today - I pride myself on never getting sick, but I feel just terrible- a real flu and chest infection! I thought I would make this quick post while I am feeling slightly better (having slept for most of the morning).

My parents have been up staying since last Wednesday. We have been having a fabulous time! On Saturday we went to the new Takapuna Beach Cafe for lunch. The food is fabulous! I particularly like how the sweet treats are on a table in the middle of the cafe under large glass domes. Thdre were so many things I could have chosen - the nut caramel tarts looked especially delicious! In the end I left the choice to my Mum and she chose a thick slab of madeira loaf. It was delicious - lovely and moist.

When we got home on Saturday afternoon I got it into my head that I wanted to make Madeira loaf myself, so I looked through some books and ended up making the recipe from Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess. Unfortunately I cooked my loaf just a fraction too long. I wouldnt say that my loaf was dry at all, but I loved the almost undercooked moistness of the loaf we had tried in the afternoon.

Madeira Loaf is a quick and easy loaf to make. It is yummy while still slightly warm and can be converted into a yummy dessert by serving with thick yoghurt or cream. My usual madeira loaf recipe and other tips on how to serve loaves, can be found in the feature I wrote for the Foodlovers website here.


Anonymous said...

I thought you must be sick when there was no early posting! Get well quickly, Tammy, and my regards to your parents.
Stephanie X

Cakelaw said...

My Mum loves Madeira cake because she isn't a huge sweets fan - this looks lovely, not overdone at all.