Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Masterbaker - Easter Candy

It took me a while to come up with my wee treat for the March masterbaker challenge. I couldn’t get past cupcakes with a caramel egg hidden in them. But it seemed a bit boring. Then it came to me, Easter “candy” within “candy” (candy isn’t really a word we use in NZ – we go more for the English lolly). Easter Rocky Road is my contribution to the challenge.

Instead of the usual marshmallow in the rocky road, I cut up marshmallow Easter eggs. I also halved some baby chocolate eggs and added them to the mix. To be honest, the rocky road didn’t look as pretty as I had hoped – I had wanted to put in those candy coated Cadbury mini eggs, but four supermarkets later, I couldn’t track them down – all sold out!! The rocky road was pretty rich – in fact it probably tasted richer because I had been eating chocolate pretty much all day when I ate a piece!! You probably don’t feel like making this right now straight after Easter, but maybe next year? Or you could make some now and substitute the marshmallow eggs for normal marshmallows.

Easter Rocky Road

200g dark chocolate
20g butter
100g condensed milk
50ml baileys
6 marshmallow Easter eggs, chopped into quarters
small bag of chocolate mini eggs chopped in half
½ c slivered almonds, lightly toasted

· Melt together chocolate, butter, condensed milk and baileys. Leave to cool for about 10 minutes
· Stir in remaining ingredients and pour into a lined loaf tin
· Chill for at least two hours before cutting into pieces

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Nikki57 said...

They look pretty enough to make me want to gobble them up! Great job and thanks for the entry!