Friday, March 14, 2008

Catching up with Dorie

While I plan to cook my way through From My Home to Yours with the crew from Tuesdays with Dorie, there were about 9 recipes cooked before I joined. So, I am planning over time to make sure I bake these.

The first ever TWD challenge was brown sugar and pecan shortbread. I made this last night as a gift for our lovely neighbours. I decided to halve the recipe, as we don’t really need any excess biscuits hanging round!!! For some reason I didn’t quite have my mind on the job when I was making them as I left out two vital steps – one, I didn’t add a pinch of ground cloves (I don’t think this would have made a huge difference, but I would have been interested to see what the taste was like) and secondly, I didn’t chill the dough before baking. This was a real shame as the biscuits didn’t hold their shape as much as I would have liked.

Still, the biscuits are delicious!!! The brown sugar makes them just a little chewy even though they are crisp (is that an oxymoron – crisp but chewy biscuits?!) and the pecans add another dimension. I will definitely make these again. Dorie says you could have them with ice cream, but I reckon they would also be good with blue cheese and quince paste. And of course, they are very good just by themselves!!


Cakelaw said...

These are cute looking shortbreads, and the brown sugar addition sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

You know, these gave both Laurie and I some problems in regard to the spreading. We both chilled ours pretty good, and they still spread. We were stumped! But they ARE delicious :)

Morven said...

They look delicious. I must remember to use the "stack" setting for my next cookie photo shoot.