Monday, December 8, 2008

Takaka Oaty Ginger Crunch

I thought that this week I would do something a bit different for the builders and so I made this Takaka Oaty Ginger Crunch. Ginger crunch is a New Zealand favourite which you will find in most cafes. This version has oats in it and isn’t as crunchy as the traditional version. It is a yummy slice though and very easy to make. I did double the icing recipe as the original recipe seems a bit mean – I think ginger crunch needs a lovely thick icing (it tastes a bit like ginger Russian fusge!).

Because of all the Christmas parties, last night was the first time I cooked dinner in almost a week! My husband’s choice was pork meatballs – I used pork mince mixed with bread crumbs, tomato sauce, chopped coriander, chilli and cumin. We had these with noodles which I mixed with sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce and soy sauce, and broccoli. Dinner took about 30 minutes to make, and was really delicious.


Snooky doodle said...

these look nice and easy to do :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite Ginger Crunch now Tammy and I agree with you with the double icing - I always do that - naughty I know but it isn't enough with the one and I think - "Hey, if I am going to have it I might as well enjoy it". Hugs Raewyn

n.o.e said...

I'm reading this post before dinner, and it's making me really really hungry! Everything sounds wonderful. I've never heard of ginger crunch, but you've got me sold!

Anonymous said...

I love this recipe, my husband said he would like to have been on your bldg site he has never been given as much as you have given your workers. I wonder if the bldrs can move after morning tea. hehe Lyn V