Monday, December 10, 2007

yummy yo-yos!

It was another busy weekend full of functions and my Mum was staying with us as well, so not much cooking or baking was done. I actually made a yummy white chocolate torte which I decorated with white chocolate dipped strawberries to take to a bbq yesterday, but it was a hectic morning and the torte was still warm as we were leaving, so I assembled it at our friend’s house and didn’t get to take a photo!

I did have a small window of time yesterday afternoon and wanted to make some wee treats for two staff members who have both had a sad couple of weeks. I didn’t have any eggs left after making the torte and I asked Mum if it was her, what would she like to be given. She said yo-yos. I love yo-yos too. They are one of the baking staples I was brought up with. Mum presses hers down with a meat tenderiser which puts a really nice square pattern on them. However, I just use a fork. I tend to make really little ones as I think they look nicer, and it’s nice just to have a small bite.

Instead of yo-yos made with the traditional custard powder, I made them plain and filled them with passionfruit butter icing. A nice traditional treat!


Deborah said...

I've never had a yo-yo before. These look very good!!

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