Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lemony pudding

On Saturday night we had friends over for a bbq. Bbq season is great as there is no worrying about the timing of cooking the meat etc!!!! For nibbles I made some guacamole and bought some corn chips. I also cooked the quails eggs which I bought at the Matakana farmers market a couple of weeks ago. Very fiddly to peel!!!! Once I peeled them, I cut them in half and rolled them in dukkah. They were quite nice for a change and a bit of a talking point.

For the main, I marinated steak in a mix of soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, sesame oil and brown sugar. Then I did two salads – an orzo salad with blanched asparagus, feta and rocket and a roast tomato salad with bacon and balsamic drizzle drizzled over it. Both salads were really yummy and really easy to make.

Pudding is pictured above (and I apologise for the poor quality of the photograph!! – it was quite dark in my dimly lit 1970s kitchen and I was quickly trying to take the photo and serve pudding to my guests at the same time!!). It was based on a recipe from Julie le Clerc for strawberry and limoncello tiramisu. Basically it was a sponge cake (which I made) cut in three and layered with limoncello (I didn’t have any so used a mixture of lemon juice and vodka), mascarpone mixed beaten with eggs and sugar and strawberries (which I got from the Albany Farmers Market – they were the best strawberries I have had all year and I managed to eat a whole double punnet by myself over the course of the afternoon!). To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan – there seemed to be something missing; maybe it was because I didn’t use limoncello!!! Although our guests thought it was tasty.

By the way, I decided to make limoncello on Saturday, but it has to steep for 48 hours, so I will be decanting it tonight. I hope it is delicious!!


rebel without a kitchen said...

Hi Tammy - loving the blog - I go to foodlovers through you now! When I made limoncello (of which I still have some - I made so much!) I had mine steeping for way longer than 48 hours - more like 3-4 months - I wonder? And I think with the Tiramisu - which looked divine by the way - that limoncello would have made ALL the difference, it's like adding a drop of sunshine (with a kick!) - what sort of lemons did you use?

Morven said...

Hello fellow Kiwi Daring Baker!
I have just discovered your blog via Foodlovers and will definitely be adding it to my favourites list. I love your cards - very styley

Foodlovers Jo said...

Tammy, I can vouch for the Tiramisu made with limoncello - it is devine. The orzo salad - is that also a Julie Le Clerc recipe? If yes, then I make that regularly - substituting the watercress for rocket as it seems you have (I can never find watercress when I need it). Keep up the great blog - it inspires me to get back into the kitchen.

Tammy said...

Hi Jo

Yes, that was a Julie Le Clerc receipe (as was the tomato salad!). It was a bit of a JLC night! :0)