Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because I am a geek!

I am an obsessive cook book collecting and also cooking magazine subscriber! I subscribe to Dish, Cuisine, Taste and Donna Hay and also more often than not purchase Delicious! I am also a bit of a geek and to keep track of the recipes in Dish, Cuisine and Donna Hay (all magazines which I cannot bring myself to cut up!), I have created my own personal index system. I tend to cut out the recipes from Taste and other magazines and have them all (in a particular order of course!) in one of those boxes designed to keep photos.

To make sure that I actually use all these magazines I buy, I also challenge myself to cook at least one thing each week from each of Dish, Cuisine and Donna Hay and something from a recipe in my box! This week so far it has been chicken baked on leeks from Dish (a bit bland, wouldn’t make again – although used the most divine organic baby leeks that I get from the Takapuna markets), raspberry and coconut friands from Cuisine and a Thai pork mince dish from Taste. I am trying to find something to make from Donna Hay – it may be a salmon dish to eat before we go out on Saturday night?


Jo said...

Tammy - you are NOT a geek. Because if you are, then I must be one too :-) Also have indexed my mag's & recipe collection. I try to cook one thing each week out of one of the magazines - and I notice that theme's come through in the different publications. For example - one month about three mag's had a chicken and chorizo dish. Look forward to reading your blog.

Tammy said...

Thanks Jo! Pleased to see there are like minded foodies about!