Monday, February 25, 2008

It's all about me!

I am quite excited as I have been tagged for a MeMe by cakelaw. This is basically some questions about me! I guess, so that you can get to know me a bit better. I have seen other bloggers respond to memes and other tags, so it is exciting that other people are reading my blog and want to know a little bit about me!! I thought I would put this photo of me in the meme as well so you can see what I look like – I like to be able to put a face to a name! It's an unfortunate photo taken at my birthday brunch! But it was the best I could do today!

Here goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was living my first year in Auckland, having just moved in with my boyfriend (now husband!) and funnily enough, working for the law firm where I am now a partner (I worked at another two firms in between times)

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I had only just become a partner at my law firm 4 months prior, so was just getting used to the new role of business owner as well as lawyer!

Five snacks you enjoy

I enjoy lots of snacks!! But these are 5 I have most regularly

1. yoghurt

2. a bowl of frozen corn, microwaved and eaten with soy sauce

3. crackers with relish and cottage cheese

4. steamed broccoli with sweet chilli sauce

5. chocolate! What list wouldn’t be complete without chocolate featuring somewhere

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

Like Cakelaw, I am assuming this is an everyday kind of millionaire rather than someone like Bill Gates!

1. Be more flexible with my working hours!

2. Do a lot more international travel

3. Treat my family all the time to as much as I could afford

4. Do a lot more shopping!!!

5. And I guess I should be a bit philanthropic!!! So I would like to help more kids get breakfast at school – it worries me that there are children going to school without proper breakfast!!!!

Five Bad Habits

1. eating the chocolate off chocolate biscuits (especially double chocolate mallowpuffs!) and then throwing away the biscuit! I don’t even like bought chocolate biscuits!!!

2. Eating the mixture when baking

3. Drinking too much wine!!!! (does everyone or is it just me??)

4. being impatient and intolerant

5. Sitting in the sun to get a tan (I know!!!!)

Five things you like doing

1. Spending time with my gorgeous husband and wonderful friends and family

2. baking and cooking!!!!

3. running and going to the gym

4. Sitting in the sun, getting a tan and reading my book (preferably drinking a glass of wine!!!)

5. Writing entries for my blog which is probably as close to writing a cook book as I will get

Five things you would never wear again

1. Barkers track suit pants and logan rugby jersey

2. tartan trousers

3. bubblegum jeans

4. cord stirrup pants!!!

5. plastic shoes – they hurt so much!!!

Five Favourite toys

I am not at all technologically inclined, so these are mostly cooking gadgets:

1. my digital sports watch for timing my runs etc

2. kenwood cake mixer

3. magimix food processor

4. hand held electric beater

5. my digital camera because how else could I make my blog look nice?!

Now I get to tag 5 more people. Like cakelaw, I apologise if you have already done this or if you don’t want to do this! :

1. Jenny at Pimp My Longies

2. Deborah at Taste and Tell

3. Stephanie at a whisk and spoon

4. Marie from A Year at Oak Cottage

5. Rachel from Confessions of a Tangerine Tart

I did do some cooking in the weekend! More about that later in the week. But, I must mention the roast chicken I did last night – I rubbed some precious truffle oil in between the skin and the breast and sprinkled some dried tarragon in there as well. Then I wrapped the chicken in baking paper, tied it with string and roasted it for about 1 hour 30. The chicken was so tender (it was a free range corn fed chicken which does make a difference!) and the flavour of the truffle oil permeated through the meat. We had it with boiled Maori potatoes with green olive aioli and honey roasted carrots and parsnips.


Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous! Beautiful jawline and cheekbones, Tammy, which must have more to do with the running than the baking. It's so nice to put a face to you, in my head you were not large but rounder, and naturally ashy blonde.
Stephanie X

Tammy said...

Hi Stephanie

Dont know about that! It is funny how you build up a picture of someone in your head! it is a pretty awful photo! but I am usually on the other end of the camera!

Cakelaw said...

Hi Tammy, great to put a face to the name! Congrats on your partnership - that is no mean feat, from one who knows. I laughed about the tartan pants - I instantly thought of the Bay City Rollers! Thanks for doing the MeMe.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great & of course the wine... you did mention you liked a glass of wine so sort of goes with you. Maybe you should have had a cup cake in the other hand. You have a achieved a lot in your young life you must be very proud of your achievements. I love your blog.
Lyn O

Deborah said...

I actually did this meme quite some time ago, so I will probably pass this time, but I'm flattered that you chose me!