Friday, June 11, 2010

I am back blogging....

Well, it has certainly been some time since I last blogged. Life is certainly a lot busier being a Mum and now I am a full time working Mum as well, going to back to my role as partner in my law firm six weeks ago. We are lucky in that my husband is staying home to look after Harry. Harry is an absolutely adorable baby – he is such a good boy and is just gorgeous! We are very spoiled parents!!

I have been baking over the last few months and keeping up with most of the Dorie challenges, but finding time to blog has been hard. So, I cant promise that I will be a consistent blogger like I was, but I will try to blog a few times a week. One of the things I have been baking the most is my Nana’s chocolate chip cookies. These are the biscuits that were photographed in the article about bloggers which my blog featured in in the Sunday Star Times back in December. I love chocolate chip cookies and these are the perfect thing to be able to make very quickly and they also freeze really well, actually tasting pretty delicious from frozen.

My parents are coming to visit in the weekend and so I did a little baking last night, making the ever delicious chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t have any chocolate chips, so I used a 220g cake of energy chocolate, chopped which made the cookies delicious. If you havent tried this recipe, you must – I look forward to receiving your comments!

Nana’s chocolate chip cookies

240g butter
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp condensed milk (I use an everyday tbsp to measure the sugar and condensed milk rather than a proper measuring one)
2 c flour
2 tsp baking powder
¾ c chocolate chips or 220g dark chocolate, chopped

• Cream butter and sugar, adding in condensed milk
• Stir in dry ingredients and then chocolate
• Roll into balls and flatten with a fork
• Bake at 165c for 15-18 minutes
• Cool on racks


Judy said...

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you back again! I'm betting Harry brings you lots of joy.

Kiwi Cakes said...

glad to see oyu back. Will have to give this a go!

Anonymous said...

Yay,you're back !

Anonymous said...

Yay, youre back and congratulations! I sure did miss my frequent dinner/ baking inspiration that I get from your blog. I hope your new super busy life allows time for a little blogging now and then as I really enjoy reading all your posts.

I will bake these biscuits tomorrow I think...

Tamsin =)

Helen said...

Tammy I'm so glad you are back! I've been clicking on your blog everyday since Harry was born hoping that one day you would be back!! I'm so pleased that things are going well for you and you have got back to work ok.
These cookies looks lovely. So simple to make, yet so delicious I bet!

Lesley said...

Thank goodness you're back! Been missing your blog but great to hear all is well with your new baby. Funnily enough I was going to make choc chip cookies too but went on pc one more time to see if you were back - what a coincidence. Now off to try your recipe. Looking forward to your posts - others are gorgeous but nice to have one in Auckland.

Busy Peas said...

This is such a fabulous choc chip recipe, it is very similar to my Mum's recipe, an absolute classic! Congratulations on having Harry, I had my first baby, Charlie, in January...a whole new wonderful world!

Lesley said...

OK, I've made the cookies now and these are one of the best biscuits I've made so thank you. I've not succeeded much with biscuit recipes but these were so easy and so enjoyable. Like you, I used dark choc instead of choc chips (which I actually don't like) and I used less and they still turned out great! So they will become a favourite now.

Morven said...

It's lovely to see you back again.

I'll definitely be trying your Nana's chocolate chip biscuit recipe. Old family favourite recipes are just the best.

Leslie said...

These look wonderful, Tammy! It's so good to see you back here. And what better way to start blogging again than with your Nana's chocolate chip cookies?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, lovely to have you back! I must try these cookies! Hope you are enjoying being back at work.

Jen :)

Megan said...

Welcome back Tammy!! How exciting that Harry wil have a little friend next door :)
Wonderful to see your blog up and running again but we will all understand that what we get is a bonus from a very busy new mother :)
We will take what we can get and thank you for that :)

Cakelaw said...

These look fab, and I love the idea of using condensed milk in chocolate chip cookies (which seems to be a very Kiwi idea).