Monday, December 14, 2009

Handbag Cookies

This is a pretty un-Christmassy post of some little decorated cookies I made a while ago to thank a friend’s Mum for some wonderful knitting she did for our new baby. Christmas baking for me isn’t going to be the usual marathon effort given that my energy levels are not as high as usual (actually I usually just run on adrenalin and champagne this time of year, but of course neither of those things are good for baby growing!) and we have a wedding in Napier this weekend, which would usually be my Christmas baking weekend.

Anyway, back to the cookies. These are my usual shortbread cookies cut into handbag shapes. They are iced with pink tinted fondant and little royal icing flower. Cute and delicious. You could use the same concept to make Christmas themed handbag cookies for your girlfriends – make the handbags red and decorate with little gold balls.


Cakelaw said...

These are adorable Tammy! Lucky recipient indeed.

jillbert said...

Those are so cute! The pink color is great. Nice idea to make them Christmas-y too - gold balls would be really cute on a handbag cookie.

angela said...

Hi Tammy, I have been following your blog for some time now and just wanted to thank you for opening up the world of food blogs to me. Read about you last week also, and I'm in constant awe at how you manage to fit everything in to your busy life. Keep posting, have a happy healthy pregnancy, and know that your posts are followed and appreciated.

Tammy said...

thanks Angela! It is comments like yours that keep me inspired to keep blogging!


Fien said...

hi Tammy
I made the chocolate caramel slice and they were delicious!
Can you explain how to cut the handbags? You do that after the baking? Did you use fondant roll?
How does it stick to the coockies?