Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally some Christmas treats!!

While I wont be making many wee treats for Christmas gifts this year, I did make these wee truffles on Monday night. They were incredibly easy and actually really tasty. I usually make truffles with chocolate, cream etc, but these little biscuit truffles are so much easier to make.

All you do is blitz 500g of oreo biscuits (I used 3 x 150g packets and it still worked ok) together in the food processor until they form little crumbs and then mix in a 250g pottle of cream cheese. I used lite cream cheese and that worked fine too. Roll the mixture into balls (wet hands worked best for this), chill (I actually put mine in the freezer), then dip in melted chocolate. I used milk chocolate for the dipping and sprinkled them with red, white and green hundreds to give them a Christmassy look. The recipe made 50-60 truffles depending on the size.


Rosa said...

They also work awesomely with Tim Tams and/or Toffeepops (I think Tim Tams are the best, though). My partner is making them for his work secret santa gift - way to make $5 stretch! - and I made them with kebab sticks in them and formed them into bouquets for Christmas two years ago. Must try Oreos next time! :-)

Sally E. said...

I was sent this recipe in the latest Breastmates newsletter ( - great website, you should check it out). I was wondering if it was any good but since you've given it the tick of approval I might try it.

Cakelaw said...

These look and sound devine!