Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bits and Pieces

My law firm is one of the leading firms in the franchise area in New Zealand and so for a networking event my business partner asked me to make these cookies saying that we are the No 1 franchise firm! The idea was good, but not that much fun when I over-filled my piping bag and had icing just everywhere, while I was trying to make dinner and get myself organised for book club at the same time! They looked kind of cute in the end.

I also wanted to share these two things – the first is a dishcloth knitted by my Grandma. My friend, Jenny, gave me some knitted dish cloths for Christmas – they are fabulous. Mum thought that would be something good for Grandma to knit, so I bought this lovely variegated cotton and grandma knitted this up in moss stitch. The cotton is lovely and soft and moss stitch is one of my favourite knitting stitches.

Secondly, my blog friend, Morven, sent me this lovely birthday present which was so very kind of her! I love the paper napkins – anything with cupcakes on it is a hit and I have a real thing about pretty napkins – I love them! The wooden tart tamper was made by Morven’s farther-in-law. It is beautifully crafted – the wood is so lovely and smooth. I cant wait to use it! Thanks Morven, you are a real sweetie!


Sus said...

What a lovely present from your Nana! I remember my grandmother always had handknitted cotton dish cloths and they felt so good and didn't seem to smell like the commercial ones do.
That could be a weekend project for me!

chou said...

What a fun way to announce your superiority!

Elyse said...

Ha! Those cookies are great. All law firms should be so festive!! (I sure hope the firm I work at in the future gives us celebratory cookies!)

Cakelaw said...

Love the cookies - how cool are they! On the subject of knitting, I have just bought the cutest knitting book with patterns for making celebrity dolls - now I have not knitted since high school, but I couldn't pass this book up! A lovely present indeed from Morven, especially with the handcrafted tamper.

Jen said...

I used to be a franchise secretary for a law firm. Worked for my area's best people too. I wish I had thought of this! Good job!