Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moustraps and Winners

It’s not very often that I post about something savoury, but when I made these mousetraps for lunch on Sunday, I thought that it might be something that people are interested in reading about.

Mousetraps are like a glorified version of cheese on toast! When I think of mousetraps in the simplest form, I think of the ones Dad used to make us on a Sunday night for tea in front of the tv with a mug of milo, wearing our pyjamas watching the Wonderful World of Disney! Dad’s mousetraps were yummy – white bread spread with vegemite, grated cheese mixed with beaten egg and tomato sauce, toasted under the grill.

Mousetraps are a good stand by for Sunday lunch for me and my husband. I use wholemeal toast bread and they are even better with home made soda bread. I also use tomato relish as a base – my own home made version that was my Nana’s recipe. We go through so much of this! I make two big batches every year and my Mum keeps us topped up in the in between times. I then make a topping of grated cheese, egg to bind, a little bit of whatever is in the fridge (eg chopped red peppers, chopped parsley, left over ham or bacon) and my secret ingredient – a spoonful of seeded mustard – ok, not so secret now! Bake in the oven at 200c for about 15 minutes until the cheese is bubbling and the bottoms are toasted.

These are a great snack cold as well, but are delicious when they are hot and the cheese is a bit melty.

Oh, and of course the winners from my wee competition who will receive some wee treats! Thank you so much for everyone who left a comment on my “blogiversary” post! It is exciting to think that people actually read my blog. I wrote all your names on separate pieces of paper and did a wee draw and the winners are: Jan, Kimberly and the Bacarella Family . If you e-mail me your addresses and I will send your wee treats to you! Thanks again!!

Also, check out the latest feature I have written for the foodlovers web site on Creamy Desserts.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tammy - YES...... You have so bought back memories. We used to do exactly the same - Sat 6pm, PJ's, Dressing Gown, Mousetraps - and my weekly treat of a "bottle" of Coke (with a straw of course) and Disneyland. Wasn't it paradise. What a shame I had to grow up. The only care I had in the world was if my brother finished before me and tried to get mine. Sigh........... Thanks for the memories. Raewyn

Zeetra said...

OMG wonderful world of Disney..brings back memories for sure. I like making mousetraps too.
I toast my vogels, then on top place very thinly sliced onion, then chopped tomatoes, shaved ham then cheese and then grill it.. so good..and yes, lovely cold too.Never tried them with the egg to bind, must give it a go.

Andrea said...

Ooh, yum! Those look delicious. I've never really heard of such a thing, but I'm inspired to try!

Morven said...

YUM mousetraps. I like them with chutney/relish too. Much nicer than the regular marmite variety.

USA Kiwi (aka Kylee) said...

Ohhhhh vogels and butter with vegemite and a bit o' cheese.


I am going to hate this blog, it will make me waaayy too homesick for the good food back home!!