Friday, November 7, 2008

Baking for the Builders

The baking I have been doing for the builders hasn’t been all that exciting, but I thought I would do a post so you can see what I have been creating.

The first of these is blueberry friands. I love friands. I think it is their moistness which comes from the ground nuts. I made these friands in little cupcake cases, purely because I was too lazy to clean my friand moulds. They are actually macadamia and blueberry friands. Friands are incredibly easy to make and are a good way of using up those egg whites which seem to accumulate. Incidentally, I always freeze my leftover egg whites. I put them into the smallest of ziplock bags and stick them in the freezer. Sometimes I freeze two to a bag. I usually use a Julie Le Clerc recipe for friands, but my book is packed away. The recipe I use this time is this one.

The second item for the builders are these little passionfruit curd cookies (pictured above). I used a basic cookie recipe of 125g butter, ½ c sugar, 1 egg, 1 dsp golden syrup and 1 ½ c flour, rolled the mixture into balls, and indented with the end of a wooden spoon, filling the centres with leftover passionfruit curd from my passionfruit tart I made in the weekend. You could also fill the wee centres with jam. These biscuits look cute and are really easy to make.

Lastly, I made the builders this apricot and ginger loaf. I wont make this again. It had preserved ginger in it. I don’t really like preserved ginger in the large pieces that this loaf has. The builders have been eating it, but I bet it’s not a favourite. I also don’t think that the spiciness of the loaf is pronounced enough. However, I do think that loaf is a good thing to make for the builders, as it is fairly filling and lasts quite well. I will try some other loaf varieties in the coming weeks.

My husband will be on the building site full time from Monday. He has a real sweet tooth, so I bet I will be baking a lot more!


Anonymous said...

Lucky men !! Is your husband project managing or is he a builder Tammy ?

Tammy said...

My husband is project managing, but he has spent some time building, so will be able to hold a hammer as well :0)

Anne said...

Those look like wonderful treats! I love the tip to freeze the egg whites- I'll try that next time!

Jacque said...

Your husband is going to become real popular, I'll bet, when the guys all figure out he's bringing sweets along.

They look delish! I was going to make a similar cookie to your little jelly filled ones for Christmas. Can't wait!

Cakelaw said...

Your builders will never want to leave! The cookies are my favourite.