Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween. This is not a tradition that we have usually celebrated in NZ, but with our recent trend towards American things, Halloween is becoming more prevalent. If I had children I don’t think I would let them go trick or treating, but I always have treats on hand for any children we get knocking at out door!

It’s also a great opportunity as a baker to be able to use those witches hat, ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters that are too cute not to buy! This year I made witches hats to send down to Griffyn and Piper, my nephew and niece. I was actually delighted with how these turned out! I was a bit nervous about colouring fondant black – I didn’t want to end up with gray cookies! I used chocolate fondant which meant I started with a nice dark base, but also meant that the fondant had a nice taste rather than just tasting like sugar. I hope you make out the little bats which are sitting on the witches hats. I couriered these off to Griffyn and Piper and they just loved them.

A huge thanks also to my blogging friend (and fellow lawyer) Gaye from Cake law who has awarded me a yum yum award. Thanks Gaye! You are a real sweetie!!


Chus said...

More Happy Halloween Pictures! :)

Sophie said...

Congrats on your award. The hats are too cute, I especially like the little bats :).

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Congratulations on your award, and those witches hat cookies are wonderful!

Nessie said...

Hi Tammy, have a random question for you: you know those clear cellophane bags you have for putting your wee treats in? Where can you buy them from? whitcoulls? foodtown?

By the way my girlfriends and I are finishing law this year, love baking and have you as our baking hero :)Your blog is AWESOME!

Tammy said...

Hi Nessie

thanks for your comment!! I get those cellophane bags from Spotlight. good luck with yuor exams! Do you have a job for next year?

Cakelaw said...

These are awesome! I'm sure Griffyn and Piper loved them.

Nessie said...

Yay thanks for that! I have a very good fried that just got engaged so I'm going to make her diamond ring cookies (inspired by you of course!).

I'm gradding at russel mcveagh next year which is super exciting (hope I'll have time for baking!). Just sat through the worst IP exam EVER so am going to make some test cookies to cheer me up... :)

Where abouts is your firm?

Tammy said...

HI Nessie

I used to work at RMcV!!!! My firm is on the north shore. I am also president of the Auckland Women Lawyers Assoc. feel free to e-mail me: tammydotmcleodatdavenportsharbourdotcodotnz