Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caramel Slice

My dear friend Teresa, broke her shoulder in three places a few weeks ago. One of her favourite things is caramel slice and while I know that she normally prefers a chocolate base with chocolate topping, I have been wanting to make the recipe from the Donna Hay Chocolate book for some time. It has a coconut base, then caramel, then chocolate. I decided to make this to take to Teresa as a wee treat.

The recipe said to make it in a 20x 30 tin, but I made it in an 18x 20 cm tin and cut back on the amount of condensed milk, but kept the same amount of topping and base. There was still more than enough caramel to make it really yummy. Personally I think I like this just as much as my usual chocolate base caramel slice. My two youngest sisters are coming to stay this weekend and my youngest sister in particular loves caramel slice. I’ve saved her a piece of this one I made for Teresa, but I think that I may have to re-make it on Friday night before they arrive as I am sure that just one piece wont be enough!!

Caramel Slice (adapted from Donna Hay’s Chocolate book)

125g butter, melted
1 c flour
½ c coconut
½ c brown sugar
1 can condensed milk
¼ c golden syrup
60g butter
185g dark chocolate
1 tbsp rice bran oil

· Mix together butter, flour, coconut and brown sugar and press into lined 18x20 cm tin and bake for 12-15min at 180c
· In the meantime stir together condensed milk, butter and golden syrup, cooking over a low heat for about 7 minutes
· Pour caramel over warm base and bake for another 10 minutes
When cold, ice with chocolate icing made by melting the chocolate and oil together


Lori said...

this sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

yes i can confirm it was really yummy and would have to be up there with the best caramel slice i have tasted. i ate 3 pieces on the first day but since then have contolled myself. thank you so much tammy - you are a dear friend and wonderful cook! teresa

Cakelaw said...

Poor Teresa - I am sure that this cheered her up enormously - it looks devine!

Anonymous said...

This was the most delicious caramel slice - even reading about it makes my mouth water!!!

Jaime said...

i've never heard of caramel slice before but it looks and sounds delicious!

i would love to make this, but what is golden syrup? is that corn syrup?

Tammy said...

Jamie, you could use a light molasses or maple syrup instead of golden syrup