Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Friends for dinner

Over Easter we had some friends over for probably the last bbq of the year. I have had so many other things to post about lately, that I haven’t got round to posting about this until now. We had a delicious meal. Pretty basic nibbles to start with of spinach and cannellini bean dip with Turkish bread. The main was beautiful lamb done on the bbq. I adapted a recipe from Dish magazine that basically smothered one side of a butterflied leg of lamb with a herb and parmesan mixture. It was bbqed for about 25 minutes. With that we had a delicious Israeli cous cous, dried apricot and parsley salad (also adapted from Dish) and a rocket salad with feta and figs baked in a little balsamic vinegar. Really yummy!

A friend had given me a big bag of feijoas earlier in the week, so for pudding I made these little frangipane feijoa tarts – basically puff pastry circles (I used Edmonds pre-made pastry as I find it rises better than other brands), spread with frangipane (I used ground macadamia nuts instead of almonds for a change) and then topped with sliced feijoas.

The tarts were nice, but nothing startling. However, I served them with home made vanilla ice cream (second outing for my ice-cream machine!) which I swirled with dulche de leuche (well, caramelised condensed milk which I think is pretty much the same thing!). That was a real highlight. The ice cream went really well with the crispness of the pastry and the tartness of the feijoas. I really enjoy ice cream making – just need to start having a few more dinner parties!! We weren’t going to have many in the 1970s house as it’s not really designed for entertaining, but I love cooking for people too much not to!!!!


Morven said...

Yum - I love feijoas and that flavour combination sounds pretty good to me.

Cakelaw said...

Your lamb sounds devine, and that icecream looks delicious - a huge scoop in a waffle cone please!