Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy new year!!

Happy new year!!!!! I am just back from a fabulous three week holiday!! The weather has been superb and we had such a great time!! But no cooking!!!! So unfortunately my first post of the year isn’t that exciting – hopefully I will make up for it in the next few weeks!!!!

Last week we went to Queenstown to stay with some friends and I made these chocolate and hazelnut biscuits to take. They look pretty plain, but tasted quite nice. The biscuit is a pretty basic chocolate shortbread and was meant to have hazelnut meal in it. I had some ground macadamias in the cupboard so used those instead.

The biscuits are sandwiched together with a combination of nutella and melted chocolate. I dusted them with cocoa. They were perfect wee treats to have after dinner when we were in Queenstown.

As an aside, I got the new Maggie Beer cook book from my Grandma for a combined Christmas and birthday present (my birthday is next week). It is the most beautiful looking book – bound in gorgeous embroidered cloth. It’s divided into seasons – I really like books that do this as it does make you think more about what is fresh and good and the different times of the year.

Last night was the first dinner I cooked for a while. It wasn’t all that inspiring as we really just felt like something fresh after all the holiday eating – so we had a chicken stirfry with lime juice, fish sauce and sweet chilli sauce and lots of vegetables.

Looking forward to cooking lots of wee treats this year and telling you all about them!!

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